Help 100 percent cpu usage after boot


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PIII 1Ghz Laptop

In windows task manager under processes it shows spoolsv.exe at 99 percent cpu usage and is slowing my laptop to a crawl.

I Have no idea what it is, have run Norton a/v, AVG a/v, and Anti Trojan 5.5 all show nothing.

If if right click and choose end process cpu usage goes back to normal and nothing seems to be affected but this is a pain to do every time I boot.

Any ideas please ???



I had an idea, then "googled" the phrase and that sorta confirmed it :) Spoolsv is the printer queue used when windows is trying re-print a doc that previously failed. Were you trying to print from the laptop?? Some browser keystrokes are close to the print ones, so a web page may have been sent and you didn't know - assuming no printer is connected! Check the printer queues for that. It may be worth getting the latest virus updates, cold boot and do a full check, just to be sure the machine is clean.


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Many thanks for that :)

I do have a printer conected to my laptop as the laptop is permanently on the arm of my settee, used for browsing, email and the like. The printer was connected to print out emails from work.

I have a dedicated printserver, just havn't got round to installing it yet.

Think I printed something off after running out of ink so how do i find this and delete it, thought i had allready done it from the queue.


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Found it

Remote Downlevel Document / user guest / size 64-343kb

Where the **** that come from ?????

anyway deleted it now so hopefully all ok.

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