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hi there, i am looking to buy a new surround system but stuck on what to go for, i will be using it for ps3,xbox,media player,and sky. the only thing i know is it needs to have a TOS link so i can run a hdmi splitter box with all equipment going to that then feeding into the surround via the tos link,if that made sense,
what would u experts recommend



A little confused by your requirement of a TOS link and splitting the HDMI signal?? Why not go for an AV amp into which you plug your ps3, xbox, pc and bluray etc and this then feeds the picture to your tv and sound to its speakers.

The Onkyo 5305 is going for £280 at the moment from a supplier that sounds like a large river. This can accept 3 hdmi inputs and 1 optical input amongst others and is probably the best option near your budget.
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