Hellraiser III - Tonight on Sky

General Skanky

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Only ever saw it once and really enjoyed it. My favourite of the series. Seems to have had more money spent on it and it hasn't got that 80's look to it either. I'll be looking forward to the slaughter in the nightclub. :D

On sky tonight at 10pm. Moviemax I think.


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Expect the Sky version to be edited, unless they are either very canny, or very lucky, and have a completely uncut US print.

If you have it, or know someone who has it, get FilmFour Extreme. The reason being that:

"Hellraiser" on FilmFour Extreme includes the UK-banned 4-seconds of Julia's first victim pleading for his life, just before she hammers him to death.

"Hellbound: Hellraiser 2" on FFExtreme airs the US Extended Director's Cut (also available on US R1 DVD), albeit with about 30 seconds of cuts to the really sick moments. Having said that, it still contains more footage than any other UK version.

"Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth" is also shown completely uncut on FFExtreme, including longer scenes of the sicker moments in the movie, which were originally pre-cut by the UK distributors, for both the cinema and video releases!


General Skanky

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Saw the previous 2 aswell, they seemed to be as I remember them, hammer and all.:D
3 looked ok too. Overall a good weekend of base slaughter and pointless mayhem. Nice.


Originally posted by General Skanky
it hasn't got that 80's look to it either.

Hmm, I think most would argue it's the MOST 80's looking of the first three installments. The 'heavy rock' video style dates it squarely in the late 80's even though it came out in 1992.

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