HELLO! my LINN knekt rcu won't work


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I recently found that one of my clients linn knekt rcu was faulty and I bought a replacement (used), on installment I seem to be able to access the main unit, but there is no sound. On the unit under WHERE it says 'LOUNGE'.

Should it work without further treatment or is there some sort of setup nescesary,

any clues highly appreciated. thnks


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Yes, that wont work - you will need to add the new Linn RCU to the system program if I remember rightly. (Its been a long time since i did Linn so i might be mistaken) but it's looking for the serial number to match the previous (faulty RCU) so you will need to connect to the controller via RS232, open Linnstall 2, and upload the altered program. I think you will also need the current program (cant remember if you can extract it from the controller.


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You need to program the keypad using a special rs232 to LINN adaptor. I've still got one in my laptop bag even though I gave up on Knekt many moons ago, there like hen's teeth if your not a LINN dealer. You will also need the reset key, which inserts between two of the buttons on the keypad to short-out two contacts for a factory reset.

It's been 4 years since I've done it!!


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Thanks guys/lasses for your replies, I've contacted a linn engineer as i need my sleep. many thanks. hans

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