Hello! my F450 mini pix drone seems to be fine except that the motors just don't spin and I don't know why.

I baught this kit https://www.aliexpress.com/item/328...&terminal_id=cf32e787c27547a79c4cbf34ebb22e64
from ali express which contains:
F450 Nylon Flamewheel Frame Kit * 1,
920KV CW Brushless Motor * 2,
920KV CCW Brushless Motor * 2,
Simonk firmware 30A ESC with BEC 5V * 4,
1045 Carbon Fiber DJI Versions CW CCW Propellers * 2,
Radiolink MINI PIX + MINI GPS * 1,
GPS Folding Antenna Mount * 1,
Flysky FS-i6X Transmitter + IA10B Receiver * 1,
11.1V 4400MAH 30C Lipo Battery * 1,
B3PRO Charger * 1,
Buzzer Alarm * 1,
Accessories bag * 1

The problem is that the motors don’t spin, and I don’t know why.

All the connections are shown in the pictures added below.

The ESCs are connected to the fc with the brown wire at the top. The 3 blue wires from the ESC are connected to the 3 motor wires right to right, left to left and middle to middle.

I’ve done gps, compass, accel and radio calibration in mission planner with no problems. Haven’t done FailSafe mechanisms.

The transmitter is bound to the receiver and (as you can see in the video) flicking the flight mode switch in the transmitter makes the buzzer generate a D sound, and when I connect the fc to a computer with the radio calibration screen on, moving a stick shows an appropriate reaction on the screen.

After a while of being connected to the battery, the ESCs get a bit hot, not anything worrying but it does show that it gets power.

I also checked with a multimeter & oscilloscope and the mini pix does supply power to the esc but it doesn’t output any signal.

I'd like to thank anyone who tries to help me with this, any solution or idea is welcomed! :)


  • buzzer & power connections.jpeg
    buzzer & power connections.jpeg
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  • ESC - motor connection.jpeg
    ESC - motor connection.jpeg
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  • receiver connection.jpeg
    receiver connection.jpeg
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  • GPS & rc in connections.jpeg
    GPS & rc in connections.jpeg
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  • FC - ESC connections.jpeg
    FC - ESC connections.jpeg
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