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    A newbie to this forum, not the wonderful world of 2 speakers...
    A brief synopsis of previous kit then i'll cut to the chase...
    My system was fairly stable for some years, Townsend Rock Turntable + Excalibur Arm/Merlin power supply, Mitchell Iso Hera phono stage, a set of Max's wedge shaped pre/power amps (ic600 i think?) into a pair of kef 104/2 referece speakers.
    Sadly divorce popped up, and to annoy me, her indoors demanded to keep key elements of the HiFi, the Townsend Pre/Power amps became door stops and the Rock Turntable was sabotaged. Iso Hera also stopped working mysteriously!
    In search of a decent sound, i've got up some horrible avenues, ie, Arcam 10 amp, a Magnum amp and my most recent wrong compo, Linn Wakonda with a pair of LK240 monoblocs.
    The Linns are on sale as we speak, and I've got a used Plinius 8100 Integrated coming.
    The current set up will be now: Roksan Radius T/T with their own Helius Arm, Ortofon Kontrpunkt B Moving Coil, Trichord Dino + Phono stage, Plinius 8100 Integrated Amp, Meridian 506 CD, Kef 104/2 Reference speakers, Chord Oddessy speaker cables.
    Is this a complete mismatch, will The Plinius 8100 be a dissappointement too?
    I'm wondering if its the speakers...they're getting old and my ears are changing.
    I listen to mostly Vinyl, and the system just sounds sluggish now, missing the excitement i used to get from it.
    Any comments would be welcome.
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    Hi...welcome to the forums.

    I hope you've listened to most of the items you intend to add,as it may avoid problems later.

    That aside,the Plinius should certainly "liven up " the sound a bit,as should changing the cartridge.
    I found that made a huge difference when I resurrected the vinyl end of my system.....you should also audition a few other cartridges,incl Denon,Dynavector,Zyx and also Lyra.
    The Lyra's in particular have a very quick and dynamic sound that you may like.

    The Dino+ is a very versatile and capable phono stage,although it really does benefit from the NC power supply...this again makes a very noticeable difference.

    I can understand your comments re the Wakonda....it wasnt the best preamp that Linn made,and the Kairn although older,was MUCH better.

    Try making changes incrementally rather than large scale,as you again may end up with something that really isnt to your liking,and do try to arrange as many demos as possible.

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