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Hello - and 28" JVC and Philips help needed!

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by LB1985, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. LB1985


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    Just to introduce myself - my name is Leon and I live in London. I am hoping that somebody can give me some help in making a decision re. buying a new TV. We currently have a 21" 'normal' and fairly cheap Samsung TV, but I'm in the process of persuading my parents we need something a little more substansial.

    I'm looking at getting a reasonably priced 28" widescreen TV, and have seen the JVC AV28-R4 (for £275-£300) and the Philips 28PW6518C/28PW6517 (for around £300). I just wanted to know if anybody has any feedback on these at all. What appeals about the JVC is the three scart sockets, as we have an analogue satellite receiver, Freeview adapter and DVD/VCR combo all to connect.

    Thanks a lot - hope somebody can help. It is much appreciated!


  2. RedM

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    Jan 6, 2004
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    Hi, just bumping this thread back up to the top as I need help too please.

    Last Saturday my Wharfdale 28" cheapie from Tescos a few years ago 'died'. One week before Xmas, great timing!' I resisted the temptation to go back and just put something similar in my trolley and thought I would try to find something a little better, so I am trying to research on the websites and found this forum! I'm now watching an old 21", blimey it's ugly!!!!! So I NEED to get sorted ASAP !

    My 'research' also threw up the 2 TV's mentioned above, without finding much independant info on them unfortunately.
    I want a 28" widescreen, I would like a flatscreen, don't really need a stand. I have to plug Sky, video, Xbox and I have got a home cinema dvd thingy with speakers too to plug in! We mostly use the TV to view Sky, especially sports. I want to stay under approx £300 if possible.

    I also saw the Thomson 28WH101 which at around £220 seems too good to be any good???

    Please help as Hubby leaving it all to me to sort out, so I'm cheating by asking you on here as you seem to know whats what!

    Thanks in advance for any answers, and Seasons Greetings too!

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