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hello im quite new 2 all this and am looking 2 set up my first seperates system (only ever had all in one midi's before)
well basicly all i want at first is an amp and speakers, i like 2 listen 2 my music loud so ive been ignoring anything less than 50w / pc
at first i looked at av recievers cause they all seemed 2 have a high wattage and 5 channels with a seperate sub bit, but after reading around and haveing a good hard think i decided that this system would be used mainly for music so i kicked that idea out of the window and decided on just 2 floorstanders instead of a 5.0 pack and a amp instead of an av reciever
so i looked about and found this (im on a tight budget)
sony tafe570
but here is where i get confused it says 2x110 watt 4ohms and most of the speakers ive looked at say 8ohms so if some one could tell me if this will work id appreicate it (i looked on google but just got ohms law and lots of maths stuff)
ok the speakers ive looked at so far are
diamond 8.3's
mission m73i's
and the wharfedale valdus 500 oh and one more eltax liberty 5+'s
so appart form the question above anyone got any recomedations or any help at all really
for the speaker AND the amp/av i have about £300 i know its not a lot but i imagine whatever i buy is gonna sound better than my midi system


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Originally posted by iggy
but here is where i get confused it says 2x110 watt 4ohms and most of the speakers ive looked at say 8ohms
Don't worry too much about ohm ratings for amps. Sony have said their amp makes 110 watts, but in real terms that is around 50 watts RMS @ 8 ohms. The speakers you mention are 8 ohms (Wharfedale Diamonds are 6 ohms, but are still easy to drive) and the Sony will have no trouble driving them to high levels. Avoid 4 ohm speakers as they are harder to drive, although these are probably out of your budget anyway. Also look at other quality amps such as Marantz 4200 or NAD C320/C340 (recently updated, so both bargains). Even Cambridge Audio A5.

Those floorstanders will sound TONS better than your midi setup too. Call your local dealer and book an hour long demo of the speakers/amp and take in your favourite tunes. You don't say what CD player you have, but take it along with you too. :) Don't forget to add interconnects and cables to your budget - about 10% is fine. See Ixos and QED for good budget leads.


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New to hifi and on a budget then look at Richer Sounds .

They do large discounts on end of line stock and discounts on new popular products.

They also do starter hifi systems but you will have to phone or pop in as they don't seem to have them on their website.

I use a Cyrus AV8 and a Smart power for music (the smart power is rated at 60Watts / channel) and have never got it up too far.

Add to that another smartpower (monoblocked) and a Q-Power (50Watts / channel I think) in a home cinema setup and the windows start rattling at 1/3 total volume (-30db).

To help us guide you it would be good to know rough room size, prefered music type and amount to spend.

Wattage quoted does not always = volume and certianly not distortion free volume.

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