Helicon digital Noise Filter.. freeware too



NoiseFilter is a very powerful but handy and easy-to-use tool to remove noise from your digital images.

NoiseFilter uses sofisticated algorithm that differs dramatically from the usual "blur" method widely used in most noise filters. Our algorithm leaves all small details intact while totally removing digital noise from homogeneous areas like sky or skin.


download the HeliconNoiseFilter.msi but it installs normally !

Exc.. program :clap:

Injoy !



some digital info to consume :)

Since digital cameras are more prone to blow out highlights than some films, filters that reduce excess contrast (most notably polarizers and GNDs) are particularly helpful on the digital side.

And since most digital cameras are considerably less UV-sensitive than film, ordinary UV filters seldom deliver a benefit worth the added risk of flare, but cameras prone to purple fringing artifact may be an exception.


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Having a camera that is good in every way except for some noise on 'quiet' areas, I tried this filter.

The default setting is '20'. Found that with this can you can lose a tiny bit of the very finest lower contrast detail (need to zoom in to even see this effect).

Found that with setting 10 or even 6 (i.e. lower power) the sky area had lost practically all visible noise, clouds look completely natural but that no fine detail was lost at all.

Forget those who say they get 'smooth, plastic surfaces' after applying a filter! Surfaces kept their texture. This Helicon one has a nearly magical cleanup effect if applied gently. and I will use it if I get blowups of my digi pics processed thru a lab.



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