Heir Audio Rendition 1 portable amplifier - Appreciation and discussion thread


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So, I've just ordered a black Rendition 1 amp from Heir Audio. Should getting it soon, as it will be shipped from Heir UK office. I went for the black carbon on black body model!

Here's the product page: Rendition 1


I started this thread as I'm not the only one here with this amp, but I intend to compare it to my favourite portable amp atm, the iBasso P4, that features a custom opamp setup. Since the R1 also allows opamp rolling, I'll be experimenting with that too and see how it's sound changes!

Anyway, if anyone as more impressions and/or ideas to share about the R1, please do...


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I've had a reasonable listen to the R1, initial impressions are that it's neutral in delivery and has a impressive soundstage... it doesn't pair to well with the Sony as it's like having two neutrals battling it out which makes it sound a bit too lively to my ears, neutral lovers will love it when paired with alternative sources.

I'm expecting a big improvement when I get a DAC as I'm not doing this amp the justice it deserves.


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I'd be interested on knowing how capable is this portable with headphones that need lots of current.

Ah, sorry i can't find the specs?


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It's also known that the R1 perfectly drives the Heir Audio Tzar 350 IEM (rated at 350Ohm) and Sennheiser HD650 headphones (rated at 300 Ohm)...


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Hi there - be interesting to know what your thoughts are on the R1 please after a bit of play time? In particular if you have had the chance to try it with the Heir 5.0s - thanks for any feedback


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