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Once I go Atmos with a new av pre I might as well get height channels, what recommend

Celestion a3 mains
Celestion a4c center
Definitive technology bp-2x sides
Celestion A1 rears

I think white speakers will disappear into the room.. I'm thinking maybe some second hand celestion little 1. I'd want dedicated wall mount designed speakers rather than regular standpoint on clunky looking wall brackets.


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I bought four Cambridge Audio Minx Min 21 (dual drivers) in white a while back but have yet to do anything with them - may be worth considering them, or the newer Minx 22. The Minx 21 have single drivers and are lighter.


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With Atmos speakers you really don't have to worry to much about pairing the exact speakers types so you can really go with any that fit your budget and taste. As you have Celestion, you can by all means use some more Celestion, but in reality it doesn't matter :)


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A list of decent quality height speakers would be ideal, to angled down models like the Dali to wall mounted speakers like celestion little 1.

I'd want speakers to be 80hz frequency range. White as disappear on the wall. Wil be using audiolab stereo 60w power amplifiers.

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