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After finally coming to an agreement with the boss regarding a new layout for our living room I would like to incorporate height speakers for Atmos but and it is a big but they would have to be discrete. the layout of our room is not ideal and the seating position would have to be a few feet in from the back wall facing the TV. Front speakers would be QA Q3050i and the rears Q3020i mounted on the wall behind the sofa a couple a feet above head height. Would a small speaker such as the Cambridge Audio Minx Min12 be suitable to use for front and rear heights mounted on the front and back walls just under the ceiling (no way am I allowed to cut holes in the ceiling) or can anyone suggest something better. The Min12's in white would not stand out too much. With this setup should the height speakers face out horizontally, face the person or some other position. The Sofa will be approximately 13 feet away from the TV and front speakers.

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