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Height of television for 6m room


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I have seen the various information about viewing height for a television (essentially eye height for middle of screen). My question relates to how this is affected by the viewing distance (and the size of the tv). Surely the further away from the screen the smaller the vertical viewing angle?

We have a 6.5M room with a viewing distance of 5.5-6m. I have sketched the postion on the wall and the viewing angle (vertical) is comfortable with the bottom of the tv 85cm from the floor. If it was at eye height the bottom of the tv could even be obscured by furniture in the middle of the room. So I am comfortable with this, but wondered if it could comfortably go even higher? The seats are low and sitting eye height is 80-90cm.

I understand there are recommendations that the vertical viewing angle from eye height to top or bottom of screen should be less than 15 degrees. I have done some vcalculations and pushing it say 10cm higher this angle would still be maximum 14 degrees.

Any comments on vertical height for different sized rooms? See attached wall sketch.

Peter Parker

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I used eye height to top of tv as 127.5cm and seating distance of 550cm which would give you the worst vertical viewing angle, and I get a VVA of 13.1 degrees, so you should be fine. Further back or siting higher will reduce the VVA.


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Thanks Peter, I was going to mention you by name in the original post as supplying much of the information I needed when searching, but somehow forgot to do so. Thanks again, coming from you that reassures me immensely.

The project is going to start in the next couple of weeks and I cant quite work out whether pictures and progress will be more useful here in DIY or in the members showcase fotum? It appears to me people do both.

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