height i can have dishwasher off the ground


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for reasons of space i need to put my dishwasher on top of a normal height kitchen work surface
the work surface can easily take the weight - i tested it
will it harm the washer in any way - i presume not


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You could get a table sized model but they are not really worth while, but I wouldn't put a full size one at that height. It would be very tricky to load and whilst you might think the top can take the weight it could suddenly go one day when you have the dishwasher mid cycle washing a full load of your best china.


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yes im going to discard the one i bought and just buy a smaller one

table top dishwashers are much less economical, the bigger the better

its fully supported i just wanted to know if it would cause any trouble for the washer
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Can't see what harm it would do.
As long as your water pressure is good enough to 'go uphill' from the tap to the machine when the fill valve opens, it will make no difference whether it's on the ground or 50 feet up.
Unless your water pressure is like an 85 year old man at a urinal, should be fine.
When the empty valve opens, the machine will be pumping the waste water 'downhill' to the waste pipe, which is fine as well.


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i find it is better this way, i have it on building bricks on a work surface
it means the waste pipe empties totally
im sure thats better for the machine than having waste water and matter stored in it
which it did do when it was on the ground

it was a choice between having the DW or Fridge Freezer in the kitchen, the FF ended in the hallway
really inconvenient to get around
having the dishwasher on the work surface is the only way i can get both in the kitchen


So long as you can still reach the top shelf I'd have thought it was easier to empty and fill higher up than on the floor. The only thing I'd check is that it retains the wash and rinse water when needed, ie it doesn't flow out under gravity when it's not supposed to.


Trial and error? :) Put the machine up there. There's normally water in the sump under the filter, if that drains spontaneously, you may have a problem. Might not though, you may have to run it on say rinse only and check that the water doesn't drain out straight away.


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it seems ok, its washing, it still carries out cycles of water release - say after 10 minuetes and then later on and so on ...
so it must be holding the water
actually i just realised
i just opened the door to look inside there is water in there along with the suds
so it has to be holding the water
was that what you meant ?


Yes, sounds like you are good to go :thumbsup:

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