Hegel H95 or Audiolab 8300 XP?

Michael Larkin

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I am seriously considering upgrading my Audiolab 6000A. I have two options in mind in particular:

EITHER, use the 6000A as a preamp and buy an audiolab 8300XP power amp,

OR, buy a Hegel H95.

I know the Hegel isn't rated as high in power as the 8300XP (60 wpc as opposed to 140 wpc), but many reviews say it is plenty powerful enough, certainly for a my size of listening room (c. 19' x 11' 6"). In any case, it's not so I can listen louder, but because I want to improve other things like bass control, sound staging, imaging and so forth. My current speakers are Quad S2s, which I love and feel are capable of delivering even more than they currently are.

Does anyone have experience of either or (even better) both the H95 and 8300XP? I'd welcome informed opinions. TIA.


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Michael Larkin

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Thanks -- actually, I checked out that site just before I posted my message. They want a 90% security deposit, which is a tidy sum (£2600 to compare both at the same time), and I thought that before I contacted them, it might be worthwhile asking my question on AV forums just to see if anyone had any relevant comparative opinion on the two amplifiers.


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I have the 8300mb replacing 8000s.

8000s (20 years old) as integrated was poor.

A £300 modern dac with volume control transformed the 8000s. +300%

8000s as power amp was excellent.

8300mb was 25% better with £700 speakers.

The audiolab amps have the same sound signature, just get more effortless and dynamic.

Soundstage came more from the dac/preamp.

Hegel is an excellent idea.

If you like the audiolab sound a good modern dac won't ruin it.

Try to audition with your current amp.

If you can audition all of the above in a local store that would be worthwhile.


Oh, and I must add room correction for me made more improvement than amp and dac so ...


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