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:hiya: hello to everyone :thumbsup:
i am fairly new to the world of home cinema and brand new on this site.
i have just re-installed my yammy dsp620ax,b&w floor standers s2,rear sattelites s2,and cc2 centre,and it sounds not good.i have ownd this gear for a few years now,but it has spent a couple of years in storage at mi mums(god bless her).i have read,and re-read the yammy manual and am now more confused than ever,is my yammy or speakers not working properly or am i just thick and dont know what i'm doing. :suicide:
all help will be gratefully received,but i was hoping for a hands/ears on approach.
if someone local to me could call and help i will pay out of pocket expenses and any reasonable fee charged. :lease:
i will take on board any help given :lesson:
thank you,
mick. :confused:


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Hmm...you say re-installed.....well, when you initially installed the kit how did it sound?...if it was ok before, lets be presumptuous and assume you were successful in setting it up. What has changed, if anything?...In what way does it sound "not good"

You dont need to spend money on this...let the power of avforums work its magic... :D - OH YEAH BABY...WORK IT, WORK IT (oops sorry, that belongs on another post , on another forum...errr..on another planet...walks away in embarrassment....)


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cheers digger.
its like this,had mi gear in a house about 3 years ago.moved into private rented accom where noise of any sort was dealt with,with the death penalty almost.so i had no system.last year i bought a small all in one panny system that is really fairly good,good surround,reasonable sound.but lacked power and didnt fill the room.i have now reached the dizzy heights of having a mortgage and put mi yammy and stuff back in.and it seems to lack surround effect,good volume but not as much surround as the little panny.
and i'm stumped.


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What if any are the differences to your new room, size? furnishings? windows? outerwalls/interior walls? room shape? Listening position etc...

What environment were your speakers stored in (loft...etc)?


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So...presumably you can get the surround speakers to play louder by adjusting the levels from the Yamaha's menus?
Are your comments related to watching DVDs only? If so then surround effects are rarely "in your face".
When you play music via "5 channel" mode do all the speakers play at similar levels?
Did you use to sit nearer the surround speakers when using the panny setup?.
Do you have access to an Avia/DVE type disc? (they are used to setup AV kit for optimum performance)
Are you going deaf?... :devil:

Have a thorough play and come back to us with the results otherwise we can only keep guestimating which can be a tedious game... :smashin:


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Give it a couple of weeks. You've been in the a Jacuzzi and you're missing the jets. The greater depth of your old kit will out in the end but you've got to swim in the larger soundfield for a while.

That said if you still prefer the Panasonic after the 2 weeks then go with it - it's what makes you happy.


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Apart from reducing the sound on the front stage, and increasing the surround stage, I would imagine, that the small panny was dumping front and rear material out of your surrounds.. and you have got used to it.. personally I would give it a couple of weeks so you can adjust back in .. and if your still not happy.. see if you can get hold of a sound pressure meter and start fault finding.. also as you have had it in storgage for 3yrs.. it may take a while for it to warm up again.. by that I mean.. when you buy new kit.. it can take a number of hours before it settles down..


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thank you everyone.this morning i dug out 'castaway' and give the plane crash a bit of rice.champion,if maybe a little tinny with a hint of echoe.this is due to set up and delay me thinks.
i now realise that when watching dvd the sound is getting there its just when watching tv that the rear surround just aint there.
big thank you to all who replied.


Not being funny wetdog, but have you checked all your speaker connections are in phase etc?

Just check all the physical set up is correct before you start playing around with amp config! :)


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TV surround wont be all that much anyhow, only if its a film in dolby surround (not digital, just surround) from a digibox will you get near DD surround info...

altho it depends on the setting, if you use Pro Logic it wont be much, but sometimes amps have their own proprietary surround modes that feed info from the front channels to the rears etc...

play around...heh

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