Heeelp!! Projector/prog scan problem


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Not sure if this is a problem with my projector or the DVD player...so I thought I would post it in both forums!

I have a Plus U3-1080 DLP projector (clone of the american NEC LT-150), and have today (finally) got my new DVD player - Toshiba SD510E.

When running NTSC DVDs, I press the progressive scan button on the DVD remote....and the picture "doubles up" - i.e it's like the image has shifted half way across the screen and wrapped around onto the other side....giving me a blank bar down the middle.

It looks bloody awful, and the picture suffers from horrible interference.

The PJ is set to NTSC, and component (it's component via VGA, I bought the adaptor direct from NEC)....it's all wired up correctly as interlaced pictures are fine.

So where am I going wrong?:( :confused:

I've checked through the Toshiba manual and it does actually describe this effect. It suggests switching the DVD player to "video progressive" instead of auto or film.....but it hasn't changed a thing.

Anyone come across this with either their projector or this particular DVD player?

Would appreciate some advice.

An unhappy smurf


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Not that I can find in the manual...but then it doesn't specify anything like that other than the usual NTSC signals etc.

I'm stumped.


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I'm sorry i can't answer your question.. but I can say I am almost totally sure that the Plus is NOT a NEC clone.... I have heard this rumour before, and I don't know where it comes from!!! I spoke to NEC a while back, and they certainly said it was completely not true...(though i admit that the people you speak to on a phone don;t always have a clue what they;re on about) but looking at the NEC LT150 and the PLus 1080, they're different shapes and different sizes. There's no way they're the same machine.

Just for your information...sorry i can't help solve the problem.


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The best bet would be to check with Rapesco (Plus UK) [email protected] they should be able to advise on wether or not component prog scan works or what you need to do.

If not its time to start building that HTPC :D

Regarding the clone business, the Plus U3 1080 is NOT a NEC LT150 clone, its the other way round. It doesn't mean they are exactly the same though, for instance the LT150 has a card reader, the U3 doesn't.



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have the tosh 510 connect to my panasonic and the progressive works very well with it have not had the problems you descibe with my unit


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You have to be sure it accepts 525p (480P).

I have a PLV30 fed by a SD900E through component.

The PLV auto detects the incoming signal but it also has provision to manually select it.

If I force the PLV30 to select 480i and them put an NTSC disc in the player and play it outputting INTERLACED everything is OK.

The moment I flip from INTERLACED into PROGRESSIVE (using the button you mentioned on the remote) the projector just blacks out and no image from the disc is displayed.

(Curiously, if I force select the projector into accepting 480p, it then gladly accepts the switching between PROGRESSIVE and INTERLACED with just a small hiccup).



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The PLus and Nec machines are not clones at all!!! either way round...they are completely different machines!!! full stop!


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Originally posted by maj74
The PLus and Nec machines are not clones at all!!! either way round...they are completely different machines!!! full stop!

Except for the chassis, light engine, colour wheel, lens....


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I'm going to make this my last post on this...as its getting horribly hijacked!!!

I want to check that I'm getting my definitions correct: A cloned machine is one that is identical to another, both internally (spec) and externally (appearance) but produced by two different companies...such as the Infocus LS110 which is rebadged as the Toshiba MT5, the same machine, just with a different name on it.

Now with the two machines being discussed here...this is clearly not the case.

So I went to projector central to compare the two machines discussed, which to make sure I am not getting at all confused here are the Plus U3-1080 and the NEC LT150 as I wanted to make absolutely sure I had not completely misquoted the machines concerned.

The 2 URL's are:

Plus U3 1080




Now it is clear on here, these are not the same machines at all.


Case design
location of vents, and therefore internal arrangement
signal compatibility
Sync rates
power supplies

Need I go on?...

It also shows that while many companies clone the PLUS, NEC is not one of them. (and all those clone machines LOOK identical and have IDENTICAL SPECS)

I can also say that having seen both of them working, side by side, AT THE SAME TIME, that the NEC performs considerably better. (though the PLUS is a pretty good machine in itself!!)

I trust that brings this discussion to an end and hope it has cleared up any confusion. As I said earlier, I had heard the PLUS NEC clone rumour before, and the NEC technical spec. manager at their UK head office, (who I happened to speak to on the phone about 3 months ago), was most indignant when I suggested that NEC and PLUS machines were cloned.

If anyone feels I have made some sort of stupid error, (which I will admit is not impossible), then please pm me and enlighten me!!!




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Martin thanks for the info, though I really couldn't give a damn! My problem is progressive scan:(


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Smurfin sorry to state the obvious but you may of overlooked it:

Have you set the video output of the tosh to svideo or composite or RGB ???

RGB will give you the problem you have, you should set svideo or composite as the video output mode to watch progressive.


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Thanks Jeff, stupid question but what does SDTV and EDTV stand for? If my assumption is correct, this PJ doesn't support progressive scan:(


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Did you check with Rapesco?

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