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y are plasmas so heavy and how easy are they to wall mount


heavy is all relative - if you compare a 42" plasma to the weight of a 32" crt - they ain't heavy ;)



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you think a plasma is heavy . I just got myself a hi res 37" crt monitor to use with my pc . Did'nt quite realise how heavy it was going to be .turned out to be 98kg , that's 3 times as much as my 42" plasma .
I'm going to have to build myself a desk to put it on as I would not trust it on anything I could buy .Going to have to find a few people to give me a hand to get the thing on the desk when made though .Me and the wife had a right job just to get it in the house


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well takes me and the missis to lift it when we had to move it and as for the wall ive tryed drilling holes in it but just melts the drill bit


Originally posted by cruncher75
as for the wall ive tryed drilling holes in it but just melts the drill bit

You're probably trying to drill a brick wall with a wood bit ;)

Make sure you use a propery masonry drill bit, and try to use a corded drill if possible, they have much better torque than cordless drills.

With the right drill bit there shouldn't be any need to use the hammer action on the drill, unless you're drilling into concrete.


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and get a good quality bit . the ones of the market ect. are a wast of time , they just bend and melt . If I was you hanging somthing costing this much I would go to a propper hardware store get a set of good quality rawl bolts and a single drill bit that matches them perfectly.
If you do that and use a decent corded drill you should have no problem and it should never go anywere. If you are realy unsure if you go to a small local hardware store (not the likes of b&q) and tell them exactly what you are doing they tend to be able to sort you out . Once the mount is up it's just a case of sloting the plasma on . I allways think the best way would be to get 3 people , one each side lifting the main weight and another to stand in front a hand top and bottom to keep it upright more than anything so it dos'nt flip when you lift it high up . That's how I would do it anyway ;) .

I would allways go with rawl bolts when mounting somthing this heavy though . I would never trust the screws and plugs that tend to come with these mounts , not after I had a 14" tv on a tv bracket fall off the wall when I was hammering in the next room :(


turned out to be 98kg , that's 3 times as much as my 42" plasma .
I had an install in Maida Vale once, a 4 floor town house. He had a panny 5 series in the living room, 1st floor, and a 36" quintrix in the bedroom, 4th floor. It was 96kg in the box, which you could have smuggled 25 Albanians inside, and I was on my own. Those of you who have met me might have noticed I wear an elbow brace.... Not from lifting plasmas.

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