heavy picture distortion when using hdmi input 4 loewe bild 7

frans callebaut

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when i use the hdmi 4 input from the loewe bild 7 i have a heavy picture distortion, when i connect my yamaha cx-a5100 to the hdmi 4 input of the loewe (oppo connected to the yamaha) or directly my oppo udp205 player to the hdmi 4 input. in both cases i have heavy picture distortion. according to loewe the hdmi 4 input is the only one which supports dolby vision. can somebody help me ?
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frans callebaut


When sending a UHD/HDR signal via HDMI it is more more sensitive to poor quality cables/faulty cables.

Try using another cable and making sure the cable used is ranked as HDMI High Speed.

Also make sure if there is an option to enable UHD colour or HDMI enhanced or alike in the menu it is used. Most TVs won't support HDMI 2.0a needed for HDR unless you enable one of these options.

I don't know exactly what it will be called on your TV I'm afraid.
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