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Heaven help me, it's more complicated than astrophysics!


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After a few years out of the TV/projector loop (I've been in love with my themescene H56A for years now) I've decided it's time for an LCD TV, and it seems like for every year I've not been looking the model numbers have gained another digit! I'm hopelessly and utterly confused, and to help me on my way can someone, anyone, please explain to me what the differences are in the SONY ranges between the V, W, S, T and U models are? can you then explain what the differences are between the 3000, 3020, 4000, 4500 etc models are, and then can you explain how they all relate to each other?

Simply put, I'm after a 29 inch TV, that is HD ready, has three HDMI ports, three scart ports and looks good watching virgib media. It would seem that some of them, I think the V4500, has a built in cable box, but I can't for the love of god find anyway of discovering if it runs Virgin cable in the UK.

phew, sorry it's a bit of a rant, but I can't see why it's so complicated!!!!!

thanks in advance for helping me out.....


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youre really confused!! the built in digibox is not virgin cable, u have to get that from virgin. as for the tvs, if u read the modle specs it should be clear wha the differences are, and any good review will compare old with new models. it all depends what you want, do u really need bravia engine 2? or will 1 suffice? find one that suites your needs and if its a bit futureproof then all the better.
good luck.


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tell me about it - thanks for your advice! I think I just need to get out there and do some serious shopping....

and as for the cable box, it does specifically say that it has a built in cable transponder so you can do away with your set top box, but it only works in some countries with some cable providers..... and I can't even find the page where it says that now.

It's a shame it's so terribly confusing - it means there'll always be that uneasy feeling that there might be a more appropriate model out there if only I could have clawed my way through the quagmire of options!

thanks again though - and any more thoughts very welcome!


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