Heat: DTS Edition R2 Japan


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Mark Haywood takes a look at Heat: DTS Edition from Japan.

Read the review here.


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Mark, good review but re: the shootout. How much echo do you think there'd be in a street full of skyscrapers? I'm no expert, but I do think they got that one spot-on:)


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Well, the last shootout I took part in didn't have so much echo.................but then again Mile End may have different acoustic characteristics compared with downtown Los Angeles ;)

Seriously - perhaps it's just that I've grown accustomed to the "pteeow" of a movie bullet and this has been deliberately made with lots of echo - maybe this is simply too realistic for me or perhaps I have played the lobby scene from The Matrix too many times!

Having said that I prefer the R2 Japanese release of this particular shootout compared to the R1 version, which lacks a bit of all round "dynamism" by comparison.


Iain Shields

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I was quite surprised you felt let down by the shootout scene, I still catch myself holding my breath while watching it, and this is still after having watched this film over a dozen times (yes, I love it :D ) Each to their own I suppose.

Good review mate :smashin: Think I might find myself upgrading.


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