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Jan 7, 2003
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West Sussex, U.K.
Does anyone know of a DVD release of a film called Hearts and Armour? This was released on VHS in the 80s, and is an 'Excalibur' type movie, full of blood, guts, nudity and violence! :D

Any region will do. :cool:
I know of this film, 2 different versions were available and i believe Tanya Roberts was the star.


Although that link does not tell you much information i believe this was in fact a shortened version of what was originally a 3 hour italian miniseries.
I would probably agree with that review if I were to see it again. It's just something which sprung to mind, when trying to think of some old films I had once on VHS, but might like to see again. It was good at the time, but not quite LOTR: Return Of The King! :D :D
Hi...if your still interested i have this avaliable on dvd-r and comes with sleeve/cover which is nicely copied from UK vhs.

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