Heart rate goes up to 130 during fast walk uphill on treadmill etc?


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I'm 45 and about 4 stone overweight. I've run marathons and more, my diet was rubbish but is very good now, for the past 5 weeks. I've been getting back into training and really struggling. I've never been this overweight and unfit and it's hard, especially since I used to be really fit a few years ago doing the London Marathon.

I've struggled to run 3 miles on the canal and also feel awful afterwards, I have felt my heart rate seems to be racing, 130 on a run and even on a treadmill uphill fast walk it's approaching 130. I also sometimes get those weird flutters in your neck, maybe heart palpitations?

I'm going in the right direct, losing weight and eating clean, hardly drinking, I don't smoke. Should I be concerned?


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My first day at the gym was 120+ and nearly died. I'm now pushing 159 and I'm surviving.

48 5st overweight 26% bodyfat


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The trick is to gradually increase the running distance and not over exert yourself in one go....
Combined with good diet and exercise you will lose weight.
Pulse rate of 130 after 3 miles and with weight problem is not out of ordinary.


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As others have said, you have to increase gradually. When I started rowing I could only do 500m. A month later I was doing 13k. Remember fitness only lasts a few days, if you stop you quickly lose all you had gained.


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Interesting re the heart flutters. You should get a chest worn heart rate monitor that talks to a suitable app on your phone. I wear one. It measures in milliseconds the RR rate and occasionally I get those flutters. It really happens, you can see it measured for real if you watch the app and then see it settle down again. It's a bit unnerving and I'm not sure if there's any implication to it, it settle down within a few seconds. I say get a phone app like HR Monitor that pairs with the strap rather than a watch as they tend to only shows beats per minute.

Re the rate at 130 that's well within the safe limits for your age, probably around 70%, I think it maxes at around 165/170 although its only a generalised guide.

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