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Heart Hddvd In Xbox Not Working !


Established Member
Just received Heart live in Seattle HD-DVD and it wont play in the xbox add on hd drive !
Just gets to main menu and locks
Can't select any options or play...
All my other HD-DVDs play fine.
Will it be faulty disc or incombatability with xbox drive
Anyone had similer problem, got it to play somehow or play in another HD-DVD player ?
Disc is a 1080i not the usual 1080P



Distinguished Member
Well the drive does have taste.:devil:

:rotfl: Only kidding.

Stupid question but have you tried rebooting the 360, I had a problem with swordfish then rebooted and it worked fine.


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Just found this today
Wanted to let everyone know that this HD-DVD will not play in the Xbox360 HD-DVD player. I know this has been posted about before, but I have tried calling the Xbox360 support phone number and they said there was nothing that they could help me with. My best friend owns a Toshiba HD-A1 player and it plays flawlessly on this HD-DVD player. I have been on the AVS forum website and other users of the Xbox360 HD-DVD add on are having the same problem with the disc freezing on the menu screen. Now mind you, this disk plays on other non-Microsoft players. There is not an issue with this disc being defective. There is an issue with it not playing back on the Microsoft player. The support line was very unhelpful, and I would like to make this issue known. This might be able to be fixed with a software update, but how is Microsoft going to know there is a problem if you can not get the support line to document the problem. If anyone knows of anywhere, or any other way to report this problem, PLEASE let me know. Or, take some of your time and call Customer Support, and complain, this could help get this problem resolved, and not be overlooked for future titles, and it taking two months for a resolution. I believe that anyone here that owns this HD-DVD player would want it working with all discs, because if there is a compatability issue with a software title now, there will be more problems in the future. Thanks for listening to me ramble.


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Now possible solution , will try later tonight !

This disc DOES WORK IN THE 360 ADD-ON!

It's easy: Just put in the disc, let it load up the intro screens, and then you'll see 15 seconds of nothing. Press "OK" on the remote that came with the 360 - the concert will load up and begin to play! I was able to fast forward and advance through chapters, but not go back out to the main menu (this resulted in a freeze). Not sure if I can access the bonus material (doubt it), but I'm so happy with the concert footage that it doesn't matter anyway.

Great show, great disc - and it works!

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