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Started this thread after not finding matured solutions for hearing impaired high quality audio now that I can afford but can't hear systems discussed here.
Reading isolated hearing impaired discussions re-enforced our needs have been ignored & neglected by smart tv, hearing aid, component, etc. & system design integrators if you know what I'm trying to explain.
Please join in with discussions links, articles & suggestions I probably missed. Hard to believe mature solutions do not exists now days instead of reinventing the wheel. As a healthcare provider, it's too obvious hearing aid companies over charge extra $1,000. for music claimed features lacking system integration except with unrated non-compared add on components.
Please respond with related links to in-depth problem & solution discussions I missed if you know what I'm saying.


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I know there have been discussions on this front with some mentioned bluetooth solutions which hook into hearing aids. Please read more here --->

I did also have a client who was hard of hearing and he went down the route of a bespoke hearing aid which enabled him to enjoy stereo music without any other aids other than the ones he was wearing

My experience with the client where he really showed the quality of his hearing aids was when I installed the electronics at his home, the volume levels on his electronics were at a comfortable playable levels (not loud, but with normal level of volume i'd say) plus he discussed the imaging and bass levels which I found very interesting. This is where he subsequently told me how much they cost (£3k and this was about 5 - 7 years ago - he also commented on them being the Ferrari of hearing aids although I don't recall the name)

Now I've no idea, if this is normal with some of the latest better hearing aid models, but I was under the illusion that normal budget hearing aids struggled to filter differing noises presenting them all at once to create a rather noisy mess. I suspect/hope that this area has been further improved (and the technology my client was using was also filtering down) as I know people with hearing aids and in busy echoey rooms can hear me talking (which fluctuates due to a neurological condition I have seems to suggest so) although I'm no expect

Not sure if this will help, but I thought I would add to see if anyone else has also experience the above and maybe can remember the name from actual users

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