Headscratching issue with Sony STR-DA3ES 2nd room option


I would say this is a tough one as Sony help themselves had no idea what to recommend :)

So, with this old receiver I can play music to my outdoor speakers. I currently use them to play from my cd player with an RCA connection. What I've wanted to do is be able to plug in my DAP or phone and play music to those speaker as well. Using that splitter cable that goes from headphone or line out to RCA. For whatever reason it's not received as an analog signal. Am I confused somehow that those cables aren't giving me "normal" analog?? I plug it into the same exact inputs my CD player is currently using. Just nothing and I've tried a few different cables and adapters.
I don't think there is a fix for this without purchasing some kind of go-between. It talks about the need for analog signal here and I see no other caveats:

see page 29

Anyway thanks for any ideas!


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If simply coming from the headphone out of your phone into RCA input of the amp using a 3.5mm to phono cable you should still get stereo sound as it is not digital. (Do bare in mind most phones pause the music as you plug in a headphone) In fac ANY of the analouge inputs should work OK like MD, TUNER, CD etc.
By DAP I assume you are talking about a digital audio player, providing the signal is output from phono of the DAP it should again still work fine but not if the signal is Digital optical/coax out as the manual states. Page 29 of the manual explains the correct way receive output from the second room.


I concur but fact is that it simply does not work and nobody can really fathom an explanation. I can plug the CD player into any of the RCA inputs and the 2nd room speakers work just fine. I try the same with my phone or DAP and get nothing. Correct that I'm using either the normal headphone jack or the line out from my DAP - tried like 4 different cables and 3 different adapters - same results.

My thought is that I need some kind of device to do the 3.5mm > RCA conversion. Somehow have to "trick" my receiver into receiving the signal. Idk :(

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