Headphones with microphone for video edit voice-overs


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Hi...can anyone recommend a decent combined headset/microphone for using whilst editing video footage and adding voice-overs?

I use Pinnacle Studio 9.0.4 (great package!...:thumbsup: ),and I am currently editing some holiday footage to burn to DVD, and want to add some voice-overs. I have a combined headset/microphone, but the speach comes out very tinny, so I would like to upgrade...without spending a fortune that is!

Cheers for any help/suggestions,



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Did your camcorder come with a plug in voice mic. My panasonic has a mic that I can plug in the camera for voice overs when filming. It is the same socket as the soundcard on the pc and so plugs into my PC easy to do voice overs when editing.

If your camcorder did not come with one, then I would try and buy one of these first as most mics (including combined mics and headsets) are cheap rubbish.

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