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Hi Guys & Gals, can any one recommend headphones , the ones that cover the ears completely, sound quality is important, but, i will be wearing them for up to 5 hours at a time, so they need to be extra comfy.Pricewise, not more than £70.00...so i'm tight ;) thanks in advance.I Must admit i'm looking at cordless, purely for convenience & because i'm sick of strangling myself:mad:


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My old Beyerdynamic DT-531s are very comfortable. Sound is pretty good, but comfortably short of Sennheiser 580s. The Sennheisers are moderately comfortable - they are at least circumaural, but I'm not sure I'd want to wear them for 5 hours straight. You can get either for about £80. IMO the Sennheisers are tremendous value, although, depending on your source, they may need a headphone amp.

Good luck finding any decent cordless 'phones at that price. Actually, Sennheiser RS65s are a lot cheaper than they used to be - you might get a pair of those for £85. I haven't listened to a pair of these, but the old RS60s were okay.


I'll second the 580's....... i havent heard them, but they are comfy and im told are as good as the 600's which i have....... if you could, they are well worth the stretch.

i dont know much about the cordless ones, but ive heard they are somewhat more expensive for the same performance.


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