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Hi Guys, I’ve come to the forum as many many hours of research elsewhere has proved fruitless and I know you guys are clued up.

I am after a new TV as my 11 year old set just died but I would like to have a headphone socket that I can use in conjunction with my ARC surround system rather than the headphones cutting out the other speakers.

My old TX-P46G20B did this beautifully with a dedicated headphone volume setting that didn’t cut out the ARC but trying to find out if this is still the same with a potential TX-50HX800B replacement is proving impossible, even when reading the manual.

Now I suspect it’s because I’m old and not down with the new technology but surely if a set has a 3.5mm headphone jack then someone should really know how it operates?

I seek your collective expertise here as I’m currently using my emergency 720p 28 incher to watch movies in the living room – ouch!

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I would have thought that shutting off speakers when plugging in headphones is common, as that's what you would normally want to do.

Why do you want to be able to use both at once ? Do you have someone else watching who is hard of hearing ?

P.106 of the HX800 eHelp manual states that "sound from the TV speaker turns off when 'Headphones' or 'Off' is selected", but it doesn't explicitly state whether the same thing would happen if surround speakers were in use.

Unfortunately, I can't check how my GZ behaves for you because it's wall-mounted and the headphone socket is inaccessible behind a panel I can't remove but if you want to know how the HX800 behaves, then you could try asking owners in this HX news thread (there doesn't seem to be a specific owner's thread)

NEWS: Panasonic launches HX940, HX900 and HX800 4K LCD TVs for 2020

Another option if you have an AVR, would be to investigate whether plugging your headphones into that might also allow the external speakers to remain on. This was certainly possible - and easy - on my previous AVR, as it had physical speaker on/off buttons on the front - my current AVR doesn't, although digging through the menus might offer the same option.


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FWIW, on my Panasonic 2018 model (TX-40ES503B), the sound does not cut out when you connect to the headphone socket - you have to mute or turn down the sound. However, in the Sound settings, you have the option to turn off the speakers to the set, or to make the volume button control the headphone output instead.

This is something Panasonic has done for a number of years, unfortunately, I cannot comment on the latest models. Perhaps contacting Panasonic here, might answer your question?

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