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Hi, forgive me if the question is too basic, but I am completely new to AV.
Noise constraints mean that I have to use headphones most of the time when watching TV, but I do like the sound to be high quality.
Up to now I have just used the audio line out from; TV or Virgin cable box into a headphone amp. I now have a new Samsung LED screen and BluRay player. The TV only offers digital audio out via optical (and I assume also digital audio can be sourced from its HDMI sockets). The analogue audio out from the Virgin cable box is now way out of sync with the screen, so cannot be used.
Can anyone suggest a neat solution (i.e. not a huge multi-channel AV amp) to give me good quality headphone stereo sound, in sync with the screen.
I wondered if a stand alone DAC with a headphone socket, fed from the optical out on the TV was the best option?

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