Headphones: Grado vs Sennheiser


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I'm looking at the Grado SR80 (£85) vs the Sennheiser HD580 (£85) or HD590 (£95).

I'm planing on using these most of the time with my computer system at night, pluged into my Videologic Sirocco Crossfire amp. I might use it with my Marantz SR7300 receiver too, and also with portable players.

So 1st, given the price what do you guys think I should go for?

2nd, I've read a lot about these headphones sounding much better when connected to headphone amps, how will my two main sources (sirocco amp and marantz receiver) perform in this regard?


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id say get the grado`s i own a pair of sennheisers an they kick its arse lol

Nic Rhodes

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I would say the 580 as well a great headphone that used to be MUCH more money. The Grado is a fine phone in it's own right but I find little difference between the 60 and 80 so would personally go for the 60 in the Grado range. Even the 323 (?) doesn't offer a huge jump in the Grado range, really need to go RS 1 / 2 for that and we are talking £600 ish here. [Numbers approx right here!]

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