Headphones for Sony Bravia sound issues


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I have a Sony Bravia model 46HX820 tv and bought some Sony headphones to use with it. The tv has a green input for headphones, but when I plug in the headphones to that I lose sound on the tv and sound is only thru headphones. Got them 'cause I'm getting deaf and want to tune out the wife complaining about the sound I need to hear - but now she can't hear the telly. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.


might be slightly different for your set, but in the menus, go to the audio settings, and there should be an option along the lines of 'Speaker Link', might even have a headphone icon next to it, and check its off.

On = disable speakers if headphones are connected
Off = enable speakers and heaphones too if connected.

Thats how the D3000 does it, albeit a 5yr old set next week :(

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