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Headphones for Music/Movies up to £250 (using HD595's at present)


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Hi all, first post in this forum so be gentle please.

Finally upgraded my AV set up and have a RX-V1900 as my amp.

I use headphones quite a bit during the week as I work nights and use the RS8's at weekends when I'm awake during the day, my use will be about 70% movies/TV and 30% music.

I'm using HD595's at the moment and like them plus I can wear them for hours with no issues. I use them on my PC for gaming as well but I'd prefer to have a pair for each use so I was thinking of leaving the 595's for the PC and getting another set for the amp.

So looking for recommendations of what to audition up to ~£250 that would go with the amp or would getting another pair of 595's be the best option ?



24 P

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I have the HD 600's, got them for 200 quid, payed another 200 quid for the amp to drive them.
That is out of your $ range, stick with what you know best..
595's are relatively easy to drive compared to the 600's.

Sennheiser Worldwide: Microphones, Headphones and Wireless Systems

595 compared to the 600's, as you can see 600's much harder to drive..

Go with some Grado, or stick with what you have..



Good set, and easy to drive..


very easy to drive..

Both offer different listening, the 595s will be great for gaming, but for the extra special listening, look at these..
Don't take the $ as rule of thumb, I am just showing you some examples of good cans, I am sure you can get them cheaper elsewhere..


Saving you some extra $ from richter for the 595's

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Thanks for the replies :)

Grado's seem to get good reviews but I've never listened to any so that's one for the list, I'd never heard of AKG but will do some reading.
well if your wanting better than the 595s but not going to be using a headphoen amp then i recommend beyerdynamic dt770 5o0hms because they are very comfortable.
denon headphones are also recommended for comfort and movie viewing

better maybe to have two different headphones so that you can choose which sounds better for your needs, you could even keep the hd595s for watching movies and get some in ear monitors for your laptop

nothing wrong with getting a second pair of hd595s though if your happy with them

a 250 budget i would say is quite high considering your uses, unless you have money to burn or want audiophile quality
For no amp you may be able to get some Grado RS2 of ebay .. 'May' or if not go for the Grado 325i

Expand your horizons try something new. Grado all the way for unamped pleasure..... Not as comfortable as the Senn's but the sound is.....


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Sorry, I have to correct 24P.

THe AKG 701 is not easy to drive - it is a veritable pig to drive. THe ohms are low, suggesting they should be easy to drive without an amp, but they are the odd one out to this rule. They need a good desktop amp to run them.

And overkill for gaming, they excel at music, and won't do anything better for gaming than something like the AD700, which is way cheaper and won't need an amp. You won't extract anything 'audiophile' from games with high end phones. Except maybe the soundtracks if they're well recorded, but its a lot of cash just for that. Keep the 595 for music.

Grados are great phones too, I have the RS2, but again, cost overkill for mostly gaming/movies, and soundstage isn't their strongest suit. Not that it's bad, but other open back phones can provide more for less cash.

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