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HI All!

Could anyone steer me in the right direction for some reasonable headphones with which I could enjoy clear sounds while watching movies either on my PC or TV?

At the moment Ive got in-ear Senn's CX300 which I use with my mp3 player but occasionally I use them for the purpose mentioned.
I would prefer wireless but from what Ive read here already its a bit of a waste of money.
My budget is probably around 100quid, although for some extra features I can fork out some more.


BTW. I find CX300 really good and noise cancelling feat. would be a bonus.
I'd rather now buy something decent for future use with the hi-fi I'll get eventually but its not a must :) Dunno when I get the hifi yet lol
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A small update... as Ive been doing my research :)

The current soundcard that I would use is a built in one (data sheet and I was wondering if it made sense to get an external (USB) amp for the headphones.
This is only because I looked at headphones like these: Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO.

I don't want to go for an overkill especially that I don't really listen to music that loud. I prefer comfort and SQ so dont want to ruin my ears yet ;)

Any comments would be much appreciated.


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Seems like Ive made up my mind on Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO after all things Ive read and other phones I looked at.
Im planning to get the 80 Ohm version as I prefer the straight cord.
Could anyone confirm my 'theory' about the dac/amp for these... I looked into the spec (please see my post above) of my sound chip and although it built in, it seems to be really good (ive got a workstation notebook) and should have enough 'juice' to power the phones no problem. The spec, SQ wise, also doesnt look to bad.
So my main question now is if there is any point in getting a dac/amp (like Fiio E7, which is 16bit, while my card seems to be at least 20bit)?
I am not really keen to get the headphones going at max volume, but I would like to get most of them with the setup Ive got. Im due to upgrade the laptop soon as well so I would give it more consideration then?
What do you say?

Any other suggestions for phone & dac/amp combos are also welcome.


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