Headphones for Movie watching & splitter question


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Hi guys,

Don't know if this is the right place to ask but.....

I'm thinking of getting some headphones for watching movies on my TV. It's not for normal TV but, when playing movies we generally have the sound fairly low as we live in a flat and are concerned about generating too much noise.

Now this is fine for normal TV but when watching certain movies on my 50" screen I kind of feel like I'm missing out on the atmosphere!

So I was wondering about getting some headphones, the problem being that I would need two sets (one for my good lady wife) and my TV only has one headphone out, so I'm guessing some kind of splitter would be needed?

I'm no audiophile and don't want to spend a fortune but can you guys give me any advice?

TIA :smashin:


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Get thee to thy local "superstar DJ" shop. Most towns have them, but if not, Maplins will have them. Anyway, ask for a 3.5mm stereo splitter, I paid £2.00 for mine. (I'm assuming the headphone out socket on your TV is the 3.5mm connection.)

I can't help with the headphones as I listen to home cinema on a pair that's a discontinued limited-edition, but I'm sure others will be able to recommend some budget-end cans for you. The only thing I'd recommend is making sure you buy both headphones exactly the same, because otherwise you may end up with volume issues driven by their different resistance ratings etc.


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Or for a more intense movie experience on headphones have a look at the Creative HS-2200D. This comes as a small dolby/dts coder that takes a digital feed (from your DVD player for example - mini-optical or mini-coax) and can feed 2 headphones. One set is supplied.

Best price I found was £59 delivered from http://www.computerwebstore.co.uk



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Thanks guys! That's just what I needed.

Surround sound's tempting but I'll have to think about whether I want to watch any films from other sources (SKY) if the sound is fed from the DVD.

I'll do some research, thanks again for the advice! :thumbsup:


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My mention of dvd was just an example, you can use other sources such as Sky/Xbox etc - though it may be a hassle switching the leads around.



If I can join the thread please.

I have a similar requirement to whymca, such that I want to watch my new plasma at night, without disturbing the family.

I have a Pioneer surround amp and OPPO 981 DVD, with the new Panasonic PX70 plasma. I expect most of my viewing will be DVD. The optical output from the DVD will go into the amp, so i do not partcularly want to continually be swapping optical leads (unless this would be a big plus for me).

So, the question is can anyone recommend a decent set of headphones (perhaps around the £50-£60 mark that will produce reasonable sound, does not need a separate headphone amp and (ideally) give an element of surround sound ? would the creative headphones mentioned before fit the bill ?

Many thanks for any feedback you can give.

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