Headphones for daily iPhone usage - £150 - noise cancelling and/or mic


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Hi guys

I'm looking to spend up to £150 on a pair of headphones for daily use with my iPhone. They would be worn almost daily, usually on my commute to and from work, with other occasional uses.

With that in mind, noise cancellation and/or a microphone would be a bonus. The only thing that I don't want is for IEMs.

I'm looking at sets ranging from lightweight sets the Senn PXC300, to something larger like the PXC 350. Also looking at the Sony MDR NC-60 and the Bose mobile on ear headset.

I realise that not all of these have microphones (indeed I think only the Bose set does from that list), but it seems tricky to find a pair that covers both. I guess manufacturers put a premium on both microphone and noise canceling.

Whilst I would like to stay within a £150 budget, I would consider spending more if I could find value for money. For instance, the wireless Senn PXC 310 BT and the Sony MDR NC500.

Any advice gratefully received.


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Bear in mind, with any added tech widgets - that's stuff you pay for in lieu of SQ.

A good pair of closed phones should be all you need, like the Shure 440. And 150 is probably a bit large to spend on an iPhone, it won't get the best out of a quality phone.


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I have used a few different ones.

The Etymotics HF2's are very good and detailed (not much bass though). The Monster Beats Dr Dre ControlTalk are great as well good al round headphones but can be a little tough to get a good fit. And the Klispch x10i and S4 are amazing i would choose these (and did) any day light weight and the sound quality is just staggering.

Hope this helps a bit.


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I'm really happy with my Etymotic hf2's - but they are custom fit. Worth every single penny. :eek:)


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Yeah the Etymotics are fantastic but you don't get much bass and mine broke on me twice and by the 3rd time i just couldn't be bothered anymore.


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I've just ordered and am waiting for a pair of Head Direct RE-Zero's, the RE-0 is highly rated and these aim to be better, check out the reviews.

Sorry just noticed you don't want iem's
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