Headphones advice (£30 budget)


Ok guys, I know, tiny budget, i WISH I could go more but no such luck....

ok, I would like a set of headphones to listen to my music at night LOUD, mostly Prodigy, Metallica, Therapy? etc. Whats my best option for this? I will be plugging it straight into my home cinema amp.

Thanks a lot in advance :)


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if you're not gonna move about much while listening, then skullcandy lowriders give an ace sound for the music you listen to- but they are a loose fit (hence being more for listening sitting down), & they're quite fragile if you're rough with them. but soundwise, they're very good- you get that sense of the music coming from outside the 'phones that you get with top-end 'phones (drum rolls & guitar solos sound like they're playing above your head). they fold up, too.


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They can handle decent volume before getting distorted then? :)
not sure, as i never turn them up too loud- but i have them fairly loud with no distortion.

Also, is the bass good?
you'd have to turn the bass up on your system, as they aren't bass-heavy phones. if you want bass-heavy 'phones, sennheiser hd 201 or 202 are best, but i find they drown out the treble (guitars, synths, pianos, etc).


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RHA MA350 from Amazon are awesome and come in 5p under budget! I've had a pair for two years listen to them for about five hours per week and they are still in great condition. Excellent bass too.


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I'll second the soundmagic e10. Great in-ear headphones. I have the Sennheiser Cx400 and the E10 are much better. Great separation of instruments and decent bass. about £40.00 when I last saw them.

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