headphone vol lower than it used to be



i upgraded to a 5 a few months ago from a 605 which served me well.

Ive been using it happily in the gym and tend to crank the volume up when i need a bit of motivation.

Ive upgraded my firmware and been using the dvr station the last week to put some tv on to distract me from the boredom of working out, but have noticed a definite reduction in volume.

the bizarre thing is i transferred my music video collection from my 605 and at full tilt it would be pretty damn loud but the 5 doesnt come anywhere near, but only in the recent couple of weeks.

any ideas/suggestions?

ps: i remember on the 605 the headphone output vol would vary slighty depending on how you setup output- one of the new changes was to output via HDMI from the dvr station- i think ill try chanign that when i get a chance.


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I've not seen any similar reports regarding the most recent firmware.

Do you know which version you were on before you upgraded and which one you upgraded to?


found a solution on the archos forum..

i did a full reset (ie: holding the on/off) and cleared temp files and cache in repair and formatting tools and its back to normal- wierd!!!

now its back to a healthy hearing damaging level...:clap:

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