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Headphone Upgrade - Senn 650, 700 or Beyer?


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I've had a good root through the previous threads and came out more confused than when I went in...

I currently have Sennheiser HD558's which my wife bought me for a birthday a couple of years ago. Nice enough but always felt them a bit lacking in bass extension - read somewhere that they roll off considerably below about 90hz which tallies with my own exp.

I originally used the headphone-out on my Arcam AVR which likely cost about 50 pence and sounds as such. More recently I bought a Lehmann Rhinelander which I'm very pleased with - super-smooth treble and mid range but shows up the lack of bass of the 558's (as the Lehmann is very neutral) so am looking to improve things with new 'phones.

I was considering the HD650's or perhaps the new HD700 but a friend of mine swears by his Beyerdynamic DT990's and so have included them on the shortlist.

I'm not keen on bright or treble-loaded, forward presentation and find the relaxed 'musical' way of the Arcam AVR/CD37 combo just about perfect. I will likely keep the 558's but relegate them to movie duties.

I don't really have the opportunity to test drive any headphones as I don't have a tame dealer anywhere near me any longer so would appreciate peoples experience/comments/advice on the above?

Thanks, Gary.


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THe 990 is a fairly bassy *for a quality phone*, so if that's not you, then the 650 would be better. They're very smooth and well balanced. I think Beyer make more durable, better looking phones, but that's personal taste.

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