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Hi all,

Really need some help. I need to get some wireless headphones for work calls. It’s important the microphone works well and does not pick up too much external noise like the kids fighting whilst I juggle home schooling with my meetings.

I don’t really want to pay more than 50 unless they are something I could connect to other devices easily and use flawlessly. All the ones I’ve seen need you to disconnect from one device to attach to other. I’d pay up to 150 if multi purpose but priority is work.

Another thing that’s a must is a mute button on the headphone microphone so I can mute me shouting at the kids easily.

I have done a bit of research but get lost in the sheer volume of options.

any recommendations would be amazing



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Hardware mute 'might' only work with a smartphone and have to use software mute for computer video / call software

I blind purchased a mono headset by Mpow from Amazon last year for remote working, I figured could easily return if it was a bust. Liked it so much picked up a second set as a spare as calls are essential

Assuming that you want stereo I have found this that comes with a code taking it down to £40 (not the model I own)

Amazon product
That is actually a headset as I think the protruding microphone makes for clearer calls and you can pretend to be Jerry Maguire.

If you want a BT headphone with a mic built into the cup then be sure to look for multipoint support (connects to two BT devices)

Good luck!


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Thanks a lot. I was looking at mpow air actually before posting.

the hardware/software mute debate is interesting as if it doesn’t work I’d rather not have a microphone. Out of curiosity how do the headphones work which do not have a mic arm for picking up external noise?

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