Headphone for PS3 / Sennheiser HD518 / HD558

Ramesh M

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I have been researching a lot on the Senn HD518 and 558 , but I am a total newbie and confused lol. My main concerns are:

(1) No chance of getting an amp right now, so that leaves me with headphone out from TV as the only option
(2) Will the sound quality be good enough with the above option? I am not too much of a multiplayer freak, just the occasional Uncharted or Assassins Creed. So my main use will be for the campaigns, plus some music and movies on my laptop.
(3) Which headphone would you suggest keeping in mind the above?:lease:

Thanks in advance.


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Imo I don't see the point in headphones unless you are playing Multiplayer or unless speakers aren't an option :p


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Well there is that but the majority buy headphones for MP so they can have the edge over the enemy

And I would go with the HD558, my friend has a pair they are so awesome

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