Headphone and Team-speak Query !


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I enjoy my XBOX 360 -but in same room as my wife watching TV - so ideally I'd like to buy some decent Sennheisers (595s or something) but still use team-speak ..

so how exactly do you use headphones and use voice comms as well ?!

or is it impossible ?

thanks, Mark.


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Try looking for some Ear Force X2 Xbox 360 Live WIRELESS Headphones/Headset. Don't know what they are like but the reviews are good for them.

The alternative is what I use when I need to, I use one earphone for in game audio and the 360 headset for voice, not brilliant but it works.


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I got a pair of those Sharkoons recently & I'm very impressed with them.

I was in the same boat as you Buckster & needed them when in the same room as my gf. Since I got them I've enjoyed my gaming so much more & its easy to get totally immersed in games. A bit too easy sometimes. They're perfect for games like gears & COD especially when playing online as the 5.1 works well & lets you home in on where you last heard shots. Or get away. But also they brought some games that i'd previously got bored of to life like Dead Rising & Splinter Cell. Dead Rising just sounds amazing through these & for some reason Pro Ev sounds immense through them.

The 5.1 isn't perfect if you are coming from a beefy home cinema set up as the speakers in the phones are close to each other but once you get used to them it works great.

The mic works exceptionally well & most on my friends list have noted that I come across louder & clearer with these on. I can hear them great too & didn't like the bundled 360 headset so they're a great solution.

The only bad points are that they dont do voices amazingly well so the voices in Oblivion come across a bit fakey. (Not really noticed this in other games tbh & one of my mates reckons its the headphones & another reckons its the poor audio quality of the samples in Oblivion so not sure really.) Also my gf can still hear some sound coming out which she lives with but could annoy. The rumble feature works well & was incredible in COD but I turned it off as I felt it was bad for my ears.

Another thing to note is that they are not wireless like the turtle bay X2 ones. This annoyed my gf a bit at first as wires bug her but given the quality of these its easy to live with & its a very long wire so no probs with it reaching between you & the box. I've since got to have a go of the X2's & whilst they were all right going back to the Sharkoons the difference in sound, build & material quality was large enough that I'm so glad I paid a bit extra for them. The X2's are functional the sharkoons are an experience.

I also got them from scan & I think they're imported from the US as it had a US plug on it. Luckily I had an adaptor but get one if you haven't.

Anyway I'd totally recommend them for some night time or same room gaming.

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