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I just got my OLED CX55 and really loving the quality. Blu ray movies and Netflix look sublime. It's a night and day different compared to my 8 years old Pana Plasma 42'.

I sadly live a flat so can't play loud music or sound and with all the lock down coming around like a regular customer. I'm very much considering buying an amp and a headphones for improving the movies experience.

I'm currently using a pair of in ears head phones for everything so the sounds from the TV when watching movies are really flat. Anyone got any recommendations? My budget is £200-350 but I'm flexible. Can go up to £500 for both the amp and headphone

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Buy open headphones. I enjoy my Sennheiser HD600 with the television as it does not call for ultimate sound fidelity anyway.

If you had asked this question just yesterday I would have advised you to check out the Phillips X2HR on Amazon UK special offer offer for £105 but the price has gone back up!!! Dude... 😊

Could always check out wireless RF headphones for television as an alternative to wired open headphones


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Thanks for the recommendation and pointers. I will add the Phillips X2HR to my Amazon wish list. BF is not that far anyway. I will also look around for some wireless RF headphones until then.


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Seconded on the HD600s or similar Sennheiser models , they are open backed which although makes them very light and comfortable for long periods they do leak a fair old amount it which might annoy others.

Beyer Dynamic DT250s are a closed back alternative with a very similar frequency response and better isolation. Should last forever as they are pro and every part can be replaced. Not quite as comfortable but still pretty good.

Shure SE535 with the TW1 wireless bluetooth adaptor could be a good bet too , very comfortable , amazing sound ( still not quite as good as the HD600 but amazing in their own way) , the TW1 will fit any Shure IEMs or any other brand with standard MMCX connectors I believe. You can buy them as the Aonic 215 which gets you a pair of Shure SE215 for a bit cheaper than buying new.
Most modern TVs will give you the option to send audio over bluetooth . And you can still use the earbuds with a cable if you wanted . The environment mode on the TW1 is handy if you don't want complete isolation otherwise the Shures are like wearing earplugs , you literally will hear nothing from the outside environment and won't miss noise cancellation.

All the above are also great for gaming .

Amp I wouldn't bother with for stereo movie/TV watching, its overkill in my book.


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Thanks Mr.D! That is a lot of good info there.

The Shure SE535 is an attractive option to me since my head gets kind of sweaty when I wear these big overhead headphones. It's not much more expensive compared to HD600 and I heard so many people praised the latter. I also spend a lot of time playing games these days!

Fair enough about amp. I will settle for a pair of headphones first before further considering an amp.

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