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headphone/amplifer issue


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first of all, i'm new to the forums so go easy on me ;)

I have a slight problem. I have just purchased a Cambridge A5i amplifer from eBay which will be arriving shortly but have just discovered to my horror that it doesn't have a headphone socket on it. This is a problem because only weeks ago i bought a pair of Sennheiser HD595's which i use from my amp as directly from my PC it sounds weak. The second problem is i wanted to use the A5 for the front 2 speakers and the Toshiba SB-M20 (my current amp which has a headphone socket) for the rear two speakers. If i continue to use the Toshiba with the headphones, it will mean i will only be getting the rear 2 channels for example when watching a DVD.
Is there anyway way i can get the output from the A5 to the Toshiba??

Also, second question, does anyone know anything about the Toshiba amplifer. It was purchased in the late 70's / early 80's by my parents and handed down to me but i have no idea what the output is like on it. I've attached a picture of it if anyone recognises it.

thanks for reading my mini essay :)



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What you would get from the Tosh would depend on how you are intending to wire everything up. If you are only feeding the Tosh the rear chanels then it would only play the rear from the headphones.

There are such things as Headphone Amps which would work with your CA amp as long as it has a set of pre-outs at the back. These tend to be aimed at the high end market and so can cost a lot of money, though a quick look at some of the cheaper online stores shows a couple at arround the £99 mark but you may be able to find cheaper elsewhere or 2nd had options on fleabay.


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you can hook up the A5 to the Toshiba with a simple interconnect going from the tape recorder output on the A5 to any input on the Toshiba. that way the front channels will passively loop through on to the Toshiba.

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