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Hi, I wonder if you can help.

I have an Audio Technica lp690 Turntable. I also have a sangean wr1 (lovely budget radio). I can play the turntable though the radio and connect headphones to the radio, and the sound quality is just okay through headphones (sennheiser hd569).

I was thinking of a headphone amp.


1.can I just get a headphone amp that can connect directly to the turntable, and the headphones connect to the amp. If so, what sort of one do I need?
2.does the headphone amp need to still be connected first to the Sangean?

Will a headphone amp make any difference?



Most headphone amps come with just one pair of RCA inputs and providing your TT has it's own pre-amp then you can certainly connect one up to the headphone amp. Some headphone amps can also be used as a pre-amp but I don't know the specs of your radio to comment further. My Lehmann Linear headphone amp can be used as such.

As for performance that's a far simpler question to answer. Yes. A good headphone amp will be considerably better than the headphone jack on the radio. Senns do respond to a good power supply.

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