headphone amp solution for the hard of hearing?

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    apologies if this has been asked before
    my dad has a pair of senheisers phones plugged into the headphone output on his sony wega tv. The thing is he is going a bit deaf and the headphones are sometimes either too quiet or too loud, there isnt any way of adjusting the volume on the headphones without simply turning up the volume on the tv. He doesnt want to do this as he lives in a flat and doesnt want to annoy the other elderly neigbours.
    Is there something that can plug into the tv jack output and act as a soundstage between the tv and the headphones amplifying the volume in the headphones whilst having the tv speaker volume lower?
    thanks for any help
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    The headphone output of the Sony is probably just horrible, badly distorting at high volumes.

    A headphone amp would be a good solution if your father needs precise and flexible control over volume. This bypasses the TV's internal speaker altogether so he could "mute" the TV / turn the volume off altogether and still have a signal coming out its line outputs. Then the amp takes over giving sound to the headphones.

    Thing is they usually require a line-input (2 x RCA phono, i.e. like how hi-fi source components are wired to hi-fi amps) - they're not to be plugged straight into the headphone jack.

    It would go: TV's stereo outputs (usually on the back) --> stereo phono lead --> headphone amp --> headphones.

    For off the shelf, look at solutions by Creek/Rega/Musical Fidelity.
    For DIY solutions, look at White Noise Audio, Graham Slee, Williams Hart.

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