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I've just purchased the Creek headphone amp to go with my Sennheiser HD600 headphones. I was wondering what is the best connection option to get the best sound?

I will be using the phones to listen to DVDs mostly. I have a Pioneer 656 DVD and a Sony STR-DB1080 amp. Should I connect the Creek to the DVD player or to the Amp, and if the latter, which sockets on the amp should I use?

Apologies if this is a stupid question !!



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Assuming the Creek has it's own volume control I'd connect it to a tape loop output on the 1080.

Sorry short, KB problems.:mad:


OK thanks, however ....

Yes, the Creek has its own volume control,

but what is the "tape loop output" on the amp?



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Most amps will have a set of connections you can use to connect a tape recorder.

There are generally two sets of connections, one will feed whatever stereo source you're listening to, out to the tape recorder so you can record it. The other is used when you playback on the tape recorder for taking the signal back into the amp.

Look on the back of your amp for connections called something like "tape rec out".

My amp, an Alpha 6 actually has two sets of tape out connections which is handy if you want to record onto different formats (tape & minidisc for example).

Just one thing, I would suggest that you try the following to see which gives you better results:

1. Connect the headphone amp to the stereo phonos on the back of your DVD player and listen to the result.

2. Connect the headphone amp as mentioned previously via the tape loop output phonos, but use your Sony Amp to handle the D/A conversion (assuming your DVD player is connected via a digital lead, optical or coax). In essence, you'll find out whether you prefer the sound of the DACS in the DVD player, or your amp.

You may have to play around with the settings on your DVD player to ensure you send the right kind of digital signal to your amp (you can usually switch between PCM & Bitstream). Not sure which one you would need.

The reason I suggested you connect your headphone amp directly to the DVD player, is that it would seem sensible to keep the signal path as short as possible, especially with a quality headphone amp. Of course you may not find any difference with running the stereo sound from the DVD player through your Sony then via the headphone amp. At the end of day, let your ears be the judge. :)

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