Question Headphone amp for Audeze lcd xc headphones


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Hi all,I have recently bought some Audeze lcd xc headphones and am looking to buy a headphone amp.The Audeze deckard seems a good choice at £599 but maybe there are others I should consider ? Your opinions would be very much appreciated.Thanks in advance


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Thanks Banna123!I believe it has an internal DAC.I shall certainly be calling Custom Cable to get their advice before making my purchase.Cheers for taking the time to help me.


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Hi,i was close to buying the Audeze Deckard but somebody has turned my head by suggesting i would be well worth considering the Simaudio Moon 230had @ £1150.Is anybody familiar with this headphone amp?Thanks in advance

Kinetic Frenzy

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Yeah I'd check out head fi. Certainly helped me when i was in the market for a headphone amp.

I already had a Fiio E17 but was looking for a bit of a different vibe for my B&O H6 headphones so got looking at an Aune T1. However research on Head Fi lead me to consider about a futher 5 possible headphone amps before i decided upon a Little Dot Mk iii which pairs really well with the B&Os and I use the E17 as a DAC.

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