Headphone Amp + DAC - Wired or Wireless?


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Now I have some Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk IEMs on their way to me, I'm looking to add a headphone amp / DAC to them.

The hardware will be a Macbook Pro 16 (2019) and a rather dated Huawei Mate 20 Pro and the Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusks.

Music source will be Amazon Music HD.

Budget is around £250 - £300 for this DAC / Amp

With this in mind - would a Bluetooth amp compromise the music quality too much and if so should I consider wired only? What brands / models would you recommend all things considered?


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Every portable Bluetooth DAC / amp I have tried noticeably removes frequency range versus a wired source, particularly in the bass. As you go up in headphones performance this cannot be unheard

So I think it really depends on usage case to justify removing a cable

*This is to mean your phone (or other device) sends music wirelessly to the Bluetooth DAC / amp and your headphone plugs into the Bluetooth DAC / amp


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(I dont know much about usb)
If that's not enough amp add one of these


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As a point of reference I use Etymotic IEMs (ER4XR/ER4SR) with their Bluetooth/DAC cable and it’s really good - as good as wired as far as I’m concerned. The key seems to be having the DAC after the bluetooth receipt.


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If the music quality is your Graal, I would stay away from any wireless solution.
That said, a LDAC compatible set (headset+DAP/DAC), would be the best solution to this day.


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Thank you for the suggestions and replies - I'll take a look at the suggestions!

I've gone for the Fiio UTWS3 wireless adaptors as a stop-gap solution when I'm walking - however, I think I'll go for a wired DAC / Amp for use from my computer.

What are peoples thoughts on the Chord Mojo - still a good choice in 2021? I'm looking at used if possible but hear of overheating issues and failing batteries...


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I would say your sorted for mobile.

I had a mojo.
Dac is one step down compared to my bluray player which sounds the same as my gustard dac x26 (through headphones)
Amp is not half as good as a50s.


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Another product I'm looking at is the Audioquest Dragonfly Red or Cobalt;

I tend to read very polarising opinions about these particular products - some saying they're fantastic and produce a noticeable SQ improvement over OEM DACS, whilst others say they're not worth the USB stick they're printed on.

Any thoughts on them from resident AVF members?


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I use a dragonfly cobalt with tidal premium and it’s fantastic with Sonos fives.
And sennhieser hd 650 headphones from iPad Pro and Samsung s21 ultra phone.


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You cannot get Hi Res audio via Bluetooth. Have a read through John Darko’s website. It’s explained in there.

So having paid for Amazon HD it’ll be a hard wired solution for you.

There are so many headphone DACs and amplifiers out there. You pays your money and you takes your choice.

I use a Dragonfly Black when on the move. I do like it. Like you I’m looking to do something for home listening. Schiit get great write ups. Also don’t overlook Ed Sally’s reviews on here. Hint - he tells you what kit he uses to test headphones, so look at headphone reviews as well as DAC/amp reviews. I suspect Ed spends quite a wee bit on his stuff mind you.

Hope that helps.

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