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Fast-paced and frenetic, convoluted and contrived – but not unforgivably so – and darkly comic and pleasantly original, Nesbo’s Headhunters is an undeniably entertaining crime caper. Dark around the edges, but fluffy in the middle, it is both intricately structured and effectively twist-laden, and about one satisfying revelation away from being a great little gem, instead falling slightly short and landing on the side of just plain good entertainment. And there’s nothing whatsoever wrong with that.

The preposterous story involves Roger Brown, a corporate headhunter with Napoleon syndrome – he’s insecure because of his height – who also appears to be something of a corporate psychopath, clinically manipulating and mistreating his ‘victims’ at work, often to assist with his ‘hobby’ – moonlighting as an art thief. You see, after getting personal details regarding their whereabouts and...

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